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          The purpose of this site is to explain in a simple way what is computer science. It seems like not many people care to explain it without calling lots of technical terms. And in order to understand the technical terms one has to understand what computer science is. So the question is where to start with? And people need to understand this subject that impinges more and more into their life. If you don't want any chatter, SKIP THIS PAGE.

          That's exactly the challenge we propose to tackle here. We even propose a walk through some electronics concepts that are often considered as complicated.But we believe that presenting them simply and in the right sequence makes them easy to understand. Thus we are encouraging you to read the pages in their sequence.

           The approach here is not to explain to you all the little details of how to use your computer, nor to define the zillions of technical terms. The idea is that with a good grasp of the basic concepts a person should become more autonomous and intelligent on the subject which would then enable them to better cope with computers and at least to be able to understand technical data when they wish to get more acquainted with the subject.

          Feel free to use the glossary.

          If there is anything you don't understand in this site feel free to communicate by clicking on the link "Contact" above. Any suggestion or comment will also be considered within available time.


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