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          According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English,

          Computer Science is the study of computers and what they can do.

          Information Technology (IT) is the study or use of electronic processes for storing information and making it available.

          The french language has only one word for both: "informatique". They actually mean the same thing viewed from different angles.

          From these 2 definitions we can see that we are dealing with a science. It is conceived to serve human beings. It deals with treating, organizing, transferring, recording, storing and presenting informations in a usable form. Computer science is using electronics of which computers are a product.

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          It must be noted that there seems to be a great contradiction between the phenomenal development of information technology and the diminishing of real communication within enterprises as has been recently noted by some people. Look here for an example. This may be due to a confusion that computers could replace humans. It isn't so. It is a fantastic tool to assist human beings but man must not drift into the ease and lose his reasoning capabilities.

          You can see this when things are over computerized, there is too much automatization, it all becomes machinewise and human qualities get lost.

          Thus it is important for both computer men and users to treat computer science as a tool devised by people to assist human beings.

          It's not an almighty god nor should it be used to take human qualities off the society. Then it can be extremely useful to mankind.


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