It is a particular language that can be inserted right in the middle of pages written in HTML. It's use is to add a dynamic character to those pages.

          The HTML code defines the page layout, presentation, colors, etc and the javascript additives allow things like inserting mobile objects, scrolling text, bouncing balls, and so on. It also allows to detect browser parameters and to automatically redirect a browser to another page that's been specifically conceived for its type. Thus javascript provides HTML pages with some intelligence.

          If you have an old type browser it's possible for javascript not to be taken care of. You can also choose to activate it or not with some browsers. With Netscape 7.1 one has to click on "Edit" then on "Preferences" then "Advanced" and "Scripts & Plugins" and finally check or uncheck "Enable JavaScript for Navigator".

          With this site if javascript is not taken care of or simply not activated a great care has been taken so that you would still have access to all of the informations. However you wouldn't benefit from all gadgets of things like the search engine, yet that one will still work.

          Note that if you are in the version then you decide to disable the javascript you should switch to the no frames version or there will be trouble.



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